Some Opportunities Are Only Seen By You

At a certain point, some of us get the sense that the decisions we make, and the opportunities we see, are the same as the ones other people see. We think that some big change is not grasped because it is a large burden and that others have already thought it through. While this can be the case for some of the most well-known decisions or opportunities, it is often the case that something we see as a huge opportunity is only in our mind, so it has to be treated as such.

Your Conditions Are Unique

The state that you are currently in is unique to anyone around you.  Your genetic makeup, location, daily routine, social interactions, etc. are all items that set you apart from people who you might think are very similar to you.  This provides your mind with thoughts and opportunities that no one else is more suited for.  When you see an opportunity, it is worth the time to think of how specific it is to you as a person, and the more specific it is to you, the more weight you should put on pursuing it with action.

Example: A Book Recommendation Business

You might come across a website that has a listing of 100 business ideas.  One of the example entries might be about creating a book recommendation business, where the handler of the business would lead people directly to the next book they should be reading if they want to proceed at an optimal rate of knowledge-gaining.  When reading this, your mind might jump to ecology books as the ones you could see yourself recommending, since that is your area of interest and learning.  The likelihood of someone else running across that site, picking out that specific suggestion and thinking of ecology as the focus of their business is already very low, and the chance that they would put it into action is much lower(the average rate of reading something to acting on it is enormously low).

In this example, you would do quite well in pursuing something related to the concept of recommending ecology books, whether in a business just for that, or as an add-on to your website, or as a public service in your local area.  Whether the idea has a solid business basis, you have to seek the valid points in it that peaked your interest in trying it out.  Your mind saw an opportunity while reading the business idea list, where the majority of others did not, and that is a sign of something to pursue.

Being Alone Is Okay

When I am saying this, you might be thinking “If I pursue an opportunity that only I see, no one will understand it or help much along the way.”  While this may be true in the initial points of pursuing it, you can be surprised with how soon some individuals notice what you are trying to do.  Other than a couple of useless comments that you can ignore early on in your efforts, some people will see that your business plan suits you, and will likely make suggestions to tweak your plan, in order to make it more marketable or relevant to the masses(it is vital to take suggestions like these into account, because you have to remember that each single suggestion made by one person can represent what thousands of people would suggest you change if your business was much larger).

We can see that most opportunity-pursuers are alone in their initial efforts.  If you were watching most of the big creators and businessmen of our time when they were formulating their plans, you would have seen people much more clueless than they are today, piecing together the way they would provide their service or product.  Very few people would help them early on because they would see them as competition, or as confused individuals, or as people that didn’t want to be part of the common folk.  Next time you see a new business venture, think not about the hype around it, but about the image of a person sitting at a table formulating the business plan.

Others Join In Real Quickly

Once your opportunity is seen and acted towards, certain people will quickly identify your passion and fitting interest and will come around you to leave you no longer alone in your endeavors.  It will then be up to you as the handler of the operation to assess how much you want to delegate or not delegate the efforts of your operation.  This special ability to be the person in charge comes directly from spending time in the “alone” phase, where your idea is only in your head, being formulated and worked upon.

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