Easy Beans Fry Recipe with Air Fryer

welcome to our new sessions of cooking with technology that is cooking with Phillips where each one of you can be super chef. Today let us know how to make another very simple beans fry you know you can use any kind of beans but make sure that the beans are nice and little bit tender now this recipe is so simple that you know a 5 year old kid can make it easily, in this we’re going to add some chat Marsala into the flour, some gram Marsala and some chili powder that’s it and we’re just going to mix all of this okay look at this in this we’re gonna add some salt this is what I call awesome seasoned flour in which you can do pretty much any vegetable and fry but we’re going to use the beans and i also have some egg and breadcrumbs so first roll the beans in the flour so any moisture that is there in case that gets covered now just dip it in the egg now once again.

Easy Beans Fry Recipe

we’re going to bring it back into the flour so you can repeat this couple of times so that the beans get well coated especially when I do you know vegetables which are soft like if i use rings of eggplant I coat it couple of times so when you air fry the piece remain nice and crispy so one more time we’re going to put in the egg OK again in the flour so when you do 2 times the beans get coated well okay now you can see it is coated well for one last time.

We’re going to put in the egg OK look at this so now let this coat well with the egg and this time instead of coming into the flour will go into the breadcrumb and now you have the well coated French beans sticks which we are going to fry in the air fryer very simple take the beans put in the flour then dip it in the egg put in the floor dip in the egg one last time put in the flour and egg and then coat it with breadcrumbs and you will have very nice tasty beans sticks you can make this with a lot of vegetables, I have tried with eggplant I’ve tried with you know even just cut you know okra into slits and make it.

You can even cut cucumber and do this and you’ll get a nice tasty cucumbers especially think of using pickled cucumbers this method it’s going to taste just super first per-heat at hundred and eighty degrees centigrade for three minutes that’s when we’re going to put all these beans in there as simple as that put them in and for around six to seven minutes should be good enough they’ll be nicely golden but in between we’re going to remove it and we’re going to just coat little bit with oil so you get a nice coloring as well as the texture and taste, after around three minutes of frying we’re going to pull this out and now.

We’re just going to take a brush and dip it in the oil and just coat them little bit so that gives a very nice texture as well as nice color that should be more than enough I’m going to put this basket in and I’m going to fry it for another three minutes till they get golden color after around five six minutes pull the basket out and you will have perfect-looking beans that are fried well OK you can serve this with any of your favorite sauces.

I prefer of course tomato and basil flavor sauce or any of the chutneys dipping will do good with this even mayonnaise and kind of cocktail sauces go extremely good with this kind of beans fry and guilt-free you can eat because you have not fried them in the oil but you fried with the Philips air fryer look at them you can simply learn just the way you present will make it even more appetizing so arrange it in such a way so that they look good and also as I told you earlier dip it in any sauce any chutney these

will taste good hmm wow just perfect.

You can make various kinds of these snacks especially the fried foods in the air fryer by using very very little oil so dear friends I hope you enjoyed keep watching and we’ll bring you lot for lot more fantastic recipes that can be cooked using air fryer I hope you enjoyed today’s session but do take part in our quizzes and cooking contest where you can win wonderful gifts from Philips innovation and you read top 10 deep fryers reviews

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