Spend The First 30 Minutes Of Your Day Alone

We all have a certain amount of time that we allocate to morning warm-up.  This period of time is very important for the day.  The productivity and feelings you exhibit in your first hour or 30 minutes have a huge impact on the rest of your day.  This is why it is wise to save a certain amount of time for morning planning and brainstorming that you perform alone.


Leave E-Mail And Updates For Afterwards

When you wake up and go straight to checking e-mail, checking internet updates, TV news, or other entities that come from others, your day’s foundation can become based on concepts that are not conducive to a productive mindset.  You might run across a frustrating TV story, a pressure-based deadline in your e-mail, a time-wasting message, etc.  Although these might be enjoyable to run across, they can heavily limit what you can complete in your day.

Your Day Starts Off Clean

When you have just waken up, your day is blank.  Starting it off by checking news and updates from various sources leaves you as a reactive individual, instead of a pro-active individual(which Stephen Covey would recommend that you would be).  You will get into the thinking that your day depends on circumstances around your environment and around the world, as opposed to the decisions you make.  Once you step into the reactive mindset for the day, it is no longer a blank day, and it can then become a struggle to be pro-active for the rest of the day.

A Foundation Of Pro-Activity

If you convert your first 30 minutes of the day to self-time, or create 30 minutes of such time by waking up 30 minutes earlier, you can start each day off in a pro-active stance.  It is already pro-active to perform a 30-minute foundation time-boxing, and this is built upon by spending the time discussing the day with yourself, or producing material with no interruptions.

Be The First Tire To Get Rolling

One of the main concepts behind why waking up “early” tends to be associated with success is that it refers to waking up early relative to others in one’s community or environment.  This creates time when you are forging ahead while others are still asleep.  Although they might sleep just as long as you, since they sleep later at night, in the comparative scheme of the day, you would be ahead of them throughout the day, simply because you started sooner.  This provides added motivation that they would not have, since you would be gliding along knowing that extra effort you put out adds even more to your lead.  You often see people publicly saying all the things they did early in the morning, and this can crush the motivation of others who wake up to find out that they are behind, sometimes leaving them mentally paralyzed for hours of the day with the feeling that catching up is out of reach.  You can become the person in this example who is performing more early on and reaping the benefits.

There Is No Criticism In An Empty Room

Also, when you start off working or discussing the day to yourself alone, you don’t have to worry about criticism.  It is like bonus time that you have created, where anything you do is a plus, and no one will describe your efforts as wasteful or irrelevant.  Although a select few individuals will try to build you up, the majority of people will make small comments to tear down your efforts as they occur, which is expected, but you can avoid these in the important early basis-forming portion of your day.

A Stable Foundation Allows You To Be Fruitful

It is not to say that dealing with people is to be avoided at all times, but that the first minutes of our day are like a soup of chemicals that crystallize over time; at first, it is a liquid that is easily able to be disturbed or unsettled, making it unable to crystallize, but if it is protected during that time, in hours it will become a hardened crystal.  It is said that “You are your best doctor.”  In the same way, the individual who is best able to protect their per-crystallized self is you, as you know your own trials and tribulations, have the tact to not discourage yourself, and have a solid understanding of your own goals for the day or week.