4 Ways To Get Your Brain Into Action Mode

What is action mode?  It is where your brain is in a state where it is ready to do critical thinking for a substantial period of time.  How can you get to this state if you aren’t getting there currently?  That is what this post is about.  Following these steps should take you from where you are as point zero to being a pioneer in some category in a short period of time.

  1. Disconnect From The Internet

It could be this simple for some of you.  Staying connected to the internet and your computer or portable device may be the reason you can’t focus.  There are so many distractions and items to keep up with, including messages, e-mails, news, weather, software updates, music, and so on.  For some of you, these are fine, and for others, these distractions are rendering you unproductive on a regular basis.  If you sense this, get away from your computing device at times.  Disconnecting the internet may not be enough(even though it is the title of this subsection).

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  1. Do Puzzles That Fit You

What you may need is to do puzzles of a certain type.  Whether it be Sudoku, word searches, logic puzzles, number games, cryptograms, crosswords, or very specific puzzles that you know of like solving the next move in a chess game, you could greatly benefit from finding a puzzle set you can enjoy and use regularly to activate your brain.  A long time ago, I really liked word search puzzles.  I would do loads and loads of them.  I had a subscription to a word-search book series called Find-A-Word where I would get a new book of 100 or so word searches each month.

You can’t lose with puzzles because they are much better than most time-passing activities that you do since they get your brain rolling with thoughts.  You can write things you think of down while doing the puzzles on the side of them, and then the pages they are on get filled with puzzle answers and puzzle steps you took, as well as thoughts you had for outside the puzzles.  Maybe this will help one of you like it has me.

  1. Sleep On Time Or Enough

If you are one of those folks that can’t get going during the day because you didn’t sleep enough, because you either got distracted during the late night period or didn’t set a specific time to sleep, this point is for you.  You will not reach that peak state of productivity until you get enough sleep on a regular basis.  Getting enough sleep is all about what you do at nighttime.  If you squander your time at night, your next day will not be as you hope it to be, and it will be out of your control(until the next evening).

  1. Think About How Limited Your Time Is

This one can get you going if you need a boost of energy.  When you think for a minute about how little time you have to accomplish what you want, it is likely to jump-start you into thinking through your options, leading to taking action.  Sometimes we are thinking that we have a year to do a certain item when we really only have a month to do that specific item before some change takes place that makes it much more difficult or out-of-reach.